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Monday, August 3, 2009

DARPA National Cyber Range (NCR) Proposal / Idea

In response to the DARPA National Cyber Range (NCR) project, the following diagram serves as a basic proposal/idea to accomplish the task of creating a virtual cyber "firing range" to enable a revolution in the nation’s ability to conduct cyber operations and providing a persistent virtual "range" for cyber warfare experiments and tactic/strategy implementation.

Utilizing several clusters of powerful Sun Microsystems x4600 M2 servers equipped with VMWare ESX virtualization platform to allow for the virtualization of a variety of operating systems, applications, and run-time environments, large testbeds can be segregated to perform various cyber defense/offense experiments. Furthermore, a super database can serve as a source of data/statistics for human emulation according to foreign statistics and intelligence gathered regarding a foreign target's user base habits and computer system/software specifications.

By David Poarch

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